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Data is the new “oil” of digital age

Data is the “oil” of the digital age that plays a part in changing the current world. However, personal data is also an “exhaustible” and vulnerable resource due to its unique nature that is attached to a single individual. As such, proper protection and exploitation are essential whether you are the data subject, the data controller, or the processor.

Organizations must protect personal data

In reality, the value and possible consequences relating to processing personal data are not recognized by the majority, resulting in free utilization or even misuse. On the flip side, many entities are collecting and making a profit, legal or illegal, from personal data. However, free data exploitation is coming to an end, requiring enterprises to prepare and equip themselves with the necessary tools for the new era of data.

We provide excellent privacy solutions

The understanding of the mechanism, legal regulations, and practical experiences allows us to provide holistic and in-depth solutions on legal, technical and risk managemental terms. As a pioneer in the field of data protection in Vietnam, we commit to accompanying and helping you to achieve sustainable values and provide you with effective and comprehensive personal data privacy solutions.

We offer a wide range of data privacy management solutions that apply international standards and are tailor-made for conglomerates and SMEs

Data Privacy Management Platform

Assist your organization in all foundational aspects of security and privacy compliance by investigating your security posture and providing in-depth recommendations to improve

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Intelligent Data Discovery

Allow your organization to assess and prioritize assets for protection, particularly data such as credit cards, and bank accounts with close to zero false positives

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Privacy Review and Assessment

Conduct a review basis for the data processing to ensure the compliance of your data system with legal requirements

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Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs)

Streamline your completion of Personal data protection impact assessment (DPIA) and overseas data transfer impact assessment (DTIA) – legal mandatory obligations for your organization

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Enterprise Risk Management

Assess and manage the existing and potential risks to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information assets to help you achieve an acceptable risk level in operation

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Second-Party Audit

Help to assess and mitigate the information security risks posed by your suppliers and their compliance level – a confirmation of its suitability and compliance with your requirements set out in the contracts

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